Donors to Districts - The Development App


D2D (Codename) is first of its kind app & portal which connect donors directly to all the 71,170 districts worldwide. In each district, the district ambassadors (DA) are appointed who administer the task of updating the knowledge about opportunities and issues of their district, manage the donor grants and enable the community and individuals to achieve 4 index parameters for the development of the district. The index parameters include:
Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations)
Better Life Index (OECD)
Global Competitiveness Index (World Economic Forum)
Knowledge Economy Index (World Bank Institute)


The DA also helps district individuals and communities to sell their district specialties through e-Commerce through the Youtube channels available through D2D app. The e-Commerce training is also provided through the app.

The app enables donors to connect to each district through DA and donate grants to achieve index parameters respective to their development mandate. These donors include Donor agencies, Corporate donors, Individual donors (philanthropists), and Embassies.

The investors who are interested in establishing vocational or skills training institutions in particular districts, or bringing in any kind of investment related to transport, energy, finance or any index parameters are also supported through the app.

The industrialists who are interested in establishing their industry according to raw material, minerals or natural resources, or skilled human resource in particular districts are also supported.

Advertisers and sponsors for the district development initiatives or related Youtube videos are also provided support on thr app.

The monitoring sections enables the current donors to check and review monitoring, evaluations and reporting of their respective donations.

Progress Meter:
The Progress Meter on the app shows the performance against each index parameter.