North Rohemian

Helicopters, Tanks, Aircrafts, Jets

North Rohemian in partnership with GSS Ensemble represents leading aviation and defense OEMs from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Slovak Republic. The services includes procurement, parts supply, maintenance, repair, overhaul, liaison office management, sales and marketing.

Military Helicopters

МI-8/17 (Heavy Utility Helicopter)

MI-171A2 (Heavy Utility Helicopter)

MI-26T (Superheavy Transport Helicopter)

MI-38 (Heavy Utility Helicopter)

ANSAT (Light Twin Helicopter)

KA-32A11BC (Heavy Utility Helicopter)

KA-62 (Medium Class Helicopter)

KA-226T (Light Twin Helicopter)

RHC is a leading player in the global helicopter industry, the sole Russian rotorcraft designer and manufacturer and one of the few companies worldwide with the capability to design, manufacture, service and test modern civilian and military helicopters. RHC is part of State Corporation Rostec.

RHCs' facilities span the entire country. The Company includes design bureaus, helicopter assembly plants, components production, maintenance and repair enterprises, aircraft repair plants, and helicopter service companies providing after-sales support in Russia and abroad.

RHC has more than 8000 helicopters operated worldwide, more than 100 countries purchased the helicopters, has 90% of the rotorcraft market in Russia, and is #1 helicopter manufacturer in Russia and the CIS.

The main helicopters include ANSAT (Light Twin Helicopter), Ka-62 (Medium Class Helicopter), Ka-32A11BC (Heavy Utility Helicopter), Mi-171A2 (Heavy Utility Helicopter), Mi-38 (Heavy Utility Helicopter), Mi-26T (Superheavy Transport Helicopter), Мi-8/17 (Heavy Utility Helicopter), and Ka-226T (Light Twin Helicopter).

RHC is headquartered in Moscow.

Tank Engines

North Romemian partners in Russia and Ukrain to source 6TD1 and 6TD2 Tank Engines and their spare parts used for various tanks of Russian/Ukrain origin.

Military Aircraft

North Rohemian is working on provision of Aircraft engines and related MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) facilities.


SUKHOI Business Jet


North Rohemain is representing the SUKHOI partner GSS Ensemble for dealing in SUKHOI's next generation of world-class jets.