Rare Earth Metals Exploration & Consulting

Vescovo specializes in Rare Earth Metals (REM) exploration consulting, REM Technology & Engineering, REM Markets & Investment, REM Resources, RE Process Design, and REO Separation.

Vescovo deals in mining and exploration of lanthanum, cerium, neodymium, aluminium, gold, silver, zinc, mercury, and lithium. Specialist functions include rare earth chemicals process engineers, mixed REE chemicals separation (box-type extraction), rare earth mineral ore process separation & concentration, RE geology and mining. TRU Group Rare Earth Team members have assessed rare earth resources, designed and engineered rare earth mines / mining, mineral processing and rare earth REE final product plants. Vescovo is rare earth consulting with a comprehensive capability in rare earth metals project development that can build project from rare earth resource through to high tech rare earth chemical plant and RE metals smelting. Vescovo's Rare Earth Elements scope of work and capability includes -

Rare earth elements geology & resource assessment
REE rare earth extraction & process development and engineering REO
Design & engineering of rare earth oxide plant / mineral processing / mine
Custom design of rare earth oxide and RE metal separation & purification facilities
Lab and pilot testing - REE minerals, intermediate and end products
REE engineering studies + detailed bankable feasibility studies
Company/ property due diligence for investors

Vescovo's major exploration interests are in Afghanistan and invites consortiums and investments from China and Singapore for exploration opportunities in $1 trillion worth estimation of Rare Earth Metals in Afghanistan.